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Adjustable Bunion Corrector

Adjustable Bunion Corrector

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The Adjustable Bunion Corrector is a device that is used to help correct various foot problems such as overlapping toes, hammer toes, hallux valgus, and crooked toes. It is made from soft silicone material which is easy to clean. The corrective force is stronger and can also be used for moderate or severe valgus. It relieves pain from bunions and valgus. The knob design can freely adjust the correction angle according to the degree of valgus, and the scale adjustment can accurately adjust the correction angle. It is suitable for all sizes and can be used on both male and female feet.

Discover relief and comfort with our Advanced Bunion Corrector, meticulously designed to address the discomfort associated with bunions. Engineered for effectiveness and versatility, this corrective solution goes beyond basic support, providing targeted care for your bunions day and night.

Key Features:

1.Adjustable Straps for Personalized Support: Tailor the level of support to your unique needs with our bunion corrector's adjustable straps. Achieve a customized fit that stays secure during daily activities.

2.Gel Cushioning for Enhanced Comfort: Experience a new level of comfort with the integrated gel cushion. It gently cradles your bunion, reducing friction and pressure for soothing relief with every step.

3.Versatile Day and Night Use: Wear our bunion corrector with confidence day and night. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable support around the clock, promoting natural alignment and relieving bunion-related discomfort.

4.Toe Separator and Alignment Support: Our corrector features a built-in toe separator, aiding in natural toe alignment. This supports overall foot health and helps prevent the progression of bunions.

5.Orthopedic Grade Design: Crafted with precision and quality materials, our bunion corrector is orthopedically designed to provide effective relief while maintaining durability and longevity.

6.Suitable for Various Footwear: Versatility meets style. This corrector is suitable for various types of footwear, from athletic shoes to everyday wear, making it an integral part of your daily routine.

7.Ideal for Active Lifestyles: Tailored for individuals with active lifestyles, our bunion corrector is perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking reliable support during workouts or daily activities.

8.Medical-Grade Silicone Construction: Our bunion corrector is crafted from medical-grade silicone, ensuring a gentle yet firm grip for effective correction. It's easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use.

Revitalize your step and experience the relief you deserve with our Advanced Bunion Corrector. Embrace a life free from bunion discomfort and take a step towards healthier, happier feet. 


Name: Bunion Corrector

Dimensions: 140x130x30mm/5.51x5.12x1.18in

Size: M: 35-38L: 39-42

Package Included: Replaceable Belt x2;Hallux Valgus Exerciser x1;  Manual Instruction x1;Bunion Corrector x 1.

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